Geek out! on Multi-vendor Storage Management
Geek out! on Multi-vendor Storage Management  

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How to manage your multi-vendor storage environment as an integrated end-to-end service

In the 2014 Geek out! survey, over 65% of you said increasing the efficiency of IT operations is your key area of improvement. But where can you start? And how can you effectively manage an heterogenous storage strategy?

Join the webcast to learn how you can effectively integrate storage management into your entire service delivery chain with OnCommand Insight - designed specifically for multi-vendor storage environments - including those without NetApp systems.

On the webcast, you‘ll gain insights on how you can:
    Gain visibility and control of infrastructure cost and risk
    Save money by deferring the capital purchases of storage with better visibility and forecasting
    Reduce future storage purchase costs with a measurable approach to tiering strategy
    Optimise storage by monitoring and reclaiming unused volumes
    Get better return on investment by increasing the utilisation of your arrays without impacting performance

Join the first Geek out! Webcast for 2015 and learn how OnCommand Insight improves capacity planning, accelerate consolidation projects and meet C-level reporting expectations.

Steve Saunders
Consulting Systems
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Thursday, 19th February, 2015
11:00AM AEDT

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