Geek Out! on ONTAP Cloud for Microsoft Azure, Cloud Sync & Cloud Control!  
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Hybrid cloud environments will dominate the foreseeable future, which makes it all the more important to be able to leverage any resource, whether in the data center or in a public cloud, at any time.

For the final Geek Out! session of the year, we are excited to bring you a deep dive into recently announced products to enable your hybrid cloud model:

ONTAP Cloud for Azure
  • Delivering enterprise control, protection and efficiency to your data with the flexibility of the Azure cloud
  • Achieve near-instantaneous point-in-time backups of your data without affecting your application performance

Cloud Sync
  • A simple and rapid data synchronisation service for AWS S3: choose an on-premise NFS repository and an S3 location and Cloud Sync handles the rest
  • Get fast access to your data for analysis using cloud-based services such as EMR, RedShift, or RDS

Cloud Control for Office 365
  • Protect your Office 365 data from accidental deletion, corruption or malicious intent
  • Back up where you want, including on-premise, AWS S3 or Azure Blob storage, and control the frequency and retention

Get your hybrid cloud questions answered by Corey Adolphus, Hybrid Cloud Architect, and check out Cloud Sync and Cloud Control in action during the session.

We look forward to geeking out with you!

Keiran McCartney
Alliances Manager,
Corey Adolphus
Cloud Architect,
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Thursday 24th November, 2016
11:00 AM AEDT