2015: The year ahead

2015: The year ahead
Steve Manley, Managing Director, NetApp ANZ

I must be getting old – not only is it 2015 but we are already into the third month of the year. I don’t know about you, but I foresee this year being a ride like no other as almost every part of the IT stack changes and transforms.

While the pace of change is rapid, every now and then it is good to stop and consider what is coming down the line. Here are my thoughts on some of the trends I expect for 2015.

Multi-Vendor Hybrid Cloud Matters
Almost every business today is using cloud in some form to bring in new layers of agility. 2015 will see smart businesses betting on multiple cloud providers as they seek to seamlessly, efficiently and securely ensure they can move data and the applications it supports around and between the vendors and on and off-premise. This multi-vendor hybrid model – in essence the NetApp Data Fabric vision – will become the de-facto model in 2015

IoT is more than a Thing, it’s here and the opportunities are endless
The term ubiquitous computing has been bandied around and over-used for years now. Yet in 2015, as our lives, clothes, devices and almost everything we touch or engage with is an “end-point” that is generating data and therefore the potential to capture and extract value from this data is only limited by the questions asked of the data itself. For all lines of business, this has massive implications and opportunities.

NetApp – more than a Flash in the pan
While NetApp has clearly been an innovator in the Flash market, you all know that NetApp is continuing to drive innovation to meet changing customer needs. Our continued investment in innovations is apparent as you consider the portfolio we offer today to help our partners and customers tackle their business challenges head on. For us the focus in 2015 and beyond is all about how we can help businesses get to market or deliver new services faster and more successfully.

If I were to offer one single piece of insight amongst of all this I would say regardless of who you are and where you sit, consider first what (technology) is needed to increase the top line and grow the business. With this approach the bottom line will take care of itself, and NetApp can take care of you.

Here’s to a prosperous 2015!