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FBL Financial Group

Insurance services provider offers 24/7 availability for quotes, claims, and financial applications.

In the insurance industry, operating critical IT systems without downtime is paramount. Customers faced with a catastrophic situation or property loss can’t afford to wait—they expect a timely and supportive response from their insurance provider.

FBL’s growth strategies spurred challenges in accommodating higher business volumes, more data, and increased demands on core business systems.

Monthly planned downtime windows were required, causing a few minutes of inaccessibility for database-driven claims processing, insurance policy management, and financial applications that agents and employees rely on to provide quotes and to service customers. FBL needed a better way to manage growth with greater flexibility and fewer business disruptions.

As FBL moves more of its business-critical applications from a legacy mainframe environment to NetApp clustered Data ONTAP, the company can eliminate downtime and provide the consistent performance its applications require.

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FBL Financial Group, Inc. (FBL) is a holding company with 1,800 employees and a mission to protect livelihoods and futures. Its primary operating subsidiary, Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company, underwrites and markets a broad range of life insurance and annuities to individuals and businesses. FBL also manages all aspects of two Farm Bureau affiliated property-casualty insurance companies. The companies’ insurance products and services are distributed by multiline exclusive Farm Bureau agents. Headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa, FBL’s affiliated insurance companies go to market under the Farm Bureau Financial Services brand and conduct business across a 14-state footprint in the Midwest and Western regions of the country.

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A complete data center services and solutions provider, Datalink transforms data centers to become more efficient, manageable, and responsive to changing business needs.

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