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Australian homebuilder reduces backup work by 80%, frees up IT staff with cloud solution.

Metricon keeps a close eye on market trends and pioneered such ideas as developing planned lifestyle communities located near the water and offering developer financing.

This same pioneering spirit extends to Metricon's use of technology. It aims to stay abreast of the latest trends, to enhance its ability to smoothly run a national multiple-office operation, to keep mobile employees productive, to boost employee efficiency, and to protect business data. But there was one critical area of Metricon’s Melbourne data center that consumed even more of the company’s IT staff’s time, budget, and peace of mind: data backups. In nearly 40 years of business, the company had amassed nearly 40TB of data that it backed up to tapes and moved off site for safekeeping.

To reduce the time spent backing up this data and to keep it safer, Metricon switched from tape based back-ups to a hybrid cloud solution involving NetApp AltaVault (formerly SteelStore) cloud-integrated storage and Microsoft Azure.

By backing up data to the cloud, Metricon reduced tape backup work by 80% and eliminated US$28,000 per year in tape administration costs. It also improved backup reliability.

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Tens of thousands of Australians live in Metricon homes. One of the largest residential homebuilders in Australia, Metricon has built homes of all sizes and styles in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland since its establishment in 1976.

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