SOFTBANK Group’s vision for cloud services prepared it to play a critical role in the recovery from a nationwide disaster.


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Japanese telecom provider leveraged cloud services to help lift a nation.

On March 11, 2011, Japan was struck by unprecedented disaster. The Great East Japan earthquake, the largest in the country’s history, unleashed a tsunami that destroyed lives, homes, and infrastructure.

Meltdowns in three reactors at the Fukushima nuclear power plant and the closure of other nuclear power plants in the country resulted in power shortages and government mandated energy cuts of 25% for industrial power users. Without reliable energy for public transportation and office infrastructure, organizations struggled to continue operations.

SOFTBANK Group, one of Japan’s leading telecommunications and Internet companies, reacted quickly to help. SOFTBANK Group knew from its own dramatic success that its internal cloud services could help other organizations reduce their energy usage and maintain operations while the country worked to rebuild.

Within three days of the earthquake, SOFTBANK Group decided to offer its internal White Cloud Shared HaaS Standard and White Cloud Google Apps™ for Business for free and provide its own White Cloud Desktop service (DaaS) at a discount to affected companies, the government, and nonprofit relief organizations.

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SOFTBANK TELECOM Corp. is the core fixed telecommunications entity within SOFTBANK Group, a leading Japanese telecommunications and Internet provider that operates under the corporate philosophy of “endeavoring to benefit society and the economy and to maximize enterprise value by fostering the sharing of wisdom and knowledge gained through the Information Revolution.”

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