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    The Next-Generation of Object Storage
    NetApp’s next gen scale-optimised data solution maximises control over rich content, enabling secure fluid movement of your data. Gain greater efficiency and strong data governance with storage infrastructure for cloud applications built for AWS S3. Leverage policy-based data placement across data centers and storage tiers at cloud speed. With built-in geographic redundancy with erasure coding, tiering to AWS S3, and a feature rich policy engine StorageGRID makes managing data at scale achievable.

    Privacy and Governance – GDPR anyone?
    We all know that organisations never change their governance or privacy objectives - not! How are you placed to ensure you can meet your organisations changing needs? Have you ever thought how you might recall data from an existing object target and move it somewhere private? How do you classify your data to ensure that it ends up in the right place to meet your privacy objectives? Have you put any thought into how you might meet GDPR requirements? The policy engine of StorageGRID helps you with your changing privacy and governance objectives.

    Phoebe Goh
    Cloud Solutions Architect
    Walter Schroeder
    Consulting System Engineer
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    Thursday, 28th September 2017
    11am AEST