2016: The year ahead

    2016: The year ahead
    Steve Manley, Managing Director, NetApp ANZ

    By all accounts, 2016 has shaped up to be a pretty big year. Our economy is in a state of flux, conventional business models are changing and even the Australian government is urging us to innovate.

    While the pace of change is rapid and daunting, it’s exciting to look ahead and consider what is coming down the line. Here are my thoughts on some of the trends I expect for the rest of 2016, and some insights as to what is on NetApp’s radar.

    The Data Fabric
    Last year, NetApp announced its data fabric vision for the future of data management. In our commitment to deliver greater simplicity in IT, NetApp ANZ will work with our clients and partners to provide greater clarity around the data fabric, and its ability to transform the IT environment.

    Educating and assisting our customers and partners to understand the data fabric is paramount and in the coming months, a number of use cases and significant POC exercises will exhibit the full range of benefits afforded via the data fabric. Look out for these in the first quarter of this year.

    Flash will continue to grow
    While NetApp has always been an innovator in the flash market, in 2016 ANZ will continue to see huge interest in flash portfolios. The industry will continue its flash revolution and enterprises will soon begin to find new use cases for flash to help drive their business as a result of its lower prices and easier implementation.

    Breaking Down the Barriers Between Servers, Storage, and Networking
    In 2016, we will see products and solutions respond to the market’s need for simplicity, easier management, better economic returns, and a need to integrate data management across the hybrid cloud. Converged platforms will enable this. Throughout 2016, NetApp will be doubling down on our converged infrastructure offering, in an effort to minimise the drudgery of hardware integration and free up customers to experiment with software innovation.

    Overall, it is exciting to see projects and initiatives that we have worked on for so many years move into the next stage of deployment. Our clear vision for hyperscalers and the data fabric is no longer conceptual, and the benefits and results of these products and solutions can be seen at play and at scale.