On ramp to the cloud

    On ramp to the cloud
    Mathew Zele, Business Development Manager – Cloud, NetApp ANZ

    NetApp has been working with cloud service providers for more than 5 years in helping them develop cloud based services to help their customers move data & workloads off-premise in a safe and secure way.

    At the same time, we’ve been working with hyperscale partners such as Amazon Web Services to deliver cloud based solutions that are next-to the cloud – with NetApp Private Storage, and in the cloud with Cloud ONTAP.

    We’ve recently added SteelStore to our portfolio that delivers an on premise storage solution that transparently extends its capacity through a variety of public cloud providers, including but not limited to Amazon Web Services.

    It’s clear that organisations are still working out how to back up their data in a cost effective and efficient manner without sacrificing management and security. A recent report from the Enterprise Strategy Group states that cloud is the leading destination for Data backup and archive, with Test and development and Disaster recovery rounding out the top three.

    Does your organisation have a strategy to embrace cloud based services for your backup and archive workloads? Are your traditional backup and archiving tools too slow, expensive or risky? Is your backup and recovery strategy including public cloud?

    Leveraging the public cloud for backup doesn’t’ mean you have to change your entire backup infrastructure. When exploring the next iteration of your backup strategy, you should investigate architectures that have been designed and optimized to leverage cloud as the final destination. Some solutions address only part of the problem – which means you only get part of the benefits of cloud based backups. Look for solutions where you have minimal disruption to your existing products and processes.

    Backing up your data into the public cloud probably isn’t going to be a problem; restoring it can be. Think of the gigabytes and terabytes that may need to be recovered across your network links, extracted from public clouds and re-assembled on premise. Are the solutions you are exploring addressing these?

    SteelStore addresses these requirements as it integrates with all leading backup solutions and all major public and private cloud providers. It provide high levels of security, offering complete, end-to-end security for data at rest and in flight using FIPS 140-2 certified encryption. And it’s efficient, reducing storage costs up to 90% by using variable-length inline deduplication and compression and it’s incredibly simple to set up. Data only comes out of the public cloud if it’s not available on premise.

    The following illustration shows how SteelStore provides seamless integration with leading application and cloud service providers.

    NetApp SteelStore is the only cloud integrated storage that enables customers to securely back up and archive data to the cloud with up to 90% less time, cost, and risk than with traditional methods. SteelStore accelerates data protection by reducing data volumes by up to 30x and by speeding data transport by 4x.

    Come and visit the NetApp stand at the Amazon Summit in Sydney & Canberra to speak to our team about the Steelstore Cloud Integrated Storage Appliances for Backup and Archiving. We’ll also be providing live demos of our Cloud ONTAP software available in the AWS Marketplace, or sign up for a TestDrive today.