3rd Platform – Transforming the IT market

    The new and improved SANtricity: What it means for you
    Walter Schroeder, CSE – Big Data Solutions at NetApp A/NZ.

    In March this year, NetApp launched SANtricity 11.25, a software update that provides improved latency and performance for NetApp EF-Series all-flash arrays. The launch has cemented NetApp’s position as the leading storage platform provider in the industry and dramatically boosts the performance and value of data analytics applications.

    E-series is one of the worlds most trusted, performant and reliable storage platforms with over 1 million arrays shipped worldwide. This latest version of SANtricity utilises more than 20 years of research and development history and over 200 patents with features such as DDP as well as the first, and most reliable, 60 drive shelf design. Thanks to the improved security, analytics and performance power of SANtricity 11.25, NetApp and its partners are now even more committed to embracing the growing 3rd platform market.

    ‘3rd platform’ is an IDC term for the new and growing group of data management and analytics platforms. It is the next-generation compute platform and it is transforming the IT market at a rapid pace, much faster than the 1st (mainframe) or 2nd (client/server) platforms ever did. The 3rd platform meets the customer’s demand for greater data visibility and performance and allows them to make the best decisions in a fast-changing business landscape. Companies such as Hadoop, Splunk and MongoDB are all playing in this field and contribute to the sector’s 15% year over year growth.

    Companies currently deploying E-series arrays in these 3rd platform environments have shown an improvement of more than 50% in performance whilst simultaneously reducing the infrastructure required by 33% on traditional JBOD and Server architectures. SANtricity 11.25 also provides NetApp AutoSupport, a predictive technology which speeds issue resolution by up to 60% and reduces P1 cases by as much as 85%. Customers also have access to a premium mobile support application, and professional services to get the most from their NetApp EF-Series and E-Series solutions, and supplies them with the information they need to better meet their business goals. Banking and financial services giant, and NetApp customer, ING Direct has gained a competitive advantage in 3rd platform as well as in more traditional 2nd platform deployments by leveraging a comprehensive portfolio of shared and dedicated storage solutions from one trusted vendor.

    SANtricity 11.25 allows NetApp customers and partners to drive larger, more strategic opportunities by embracing big data analytics. They can now enter into more solution-oriented conversation around their customers’ current and future business needs, saving both time and effort by partnering with one vendor who supports all needs.

    To learn move about SANtricity 11.25, check out the media release here.