5 Minutes with Larry Gartee

    Following NetApp’s recent announcement around a new software for its EF-Series all-flash and E-Series storage arrays, we sat down with Director of System Engineering for the Emerging Products Group, Larry Gartee to find out what drives him, and what is next in the world of enterprise technology.

    Tell us a little about your role?

    I am the Director of System Engineering for the Emerging products group (EPG). EPG is responsible for all of NetApp quired technology as well developing market specific products. For example AFF, came out of EPG. My direct responsibility is focused on the E-series and industry solutions based on E-series. This covers 3rd Platform solutions including Splunk, Hadoop, MongoDB and Couch Base as well as solutions around object stores, video surveillance and Media and Entertainment. In this role I also oversee more specialised solutions around High Performance Computing (HPC), Cybersecurity and video analytics.

    What are the key trends you see influencing the enterprise sector, and what core technologies do you see shaking things up in 2016?

    The move to 3rd platform from 2nd platform is changing what and how enterprises spend their money on. IDC shows a flat to declining market in 2nd platform (traditional enterprise application such as databases, email, SharePoint, etc.), a big difference when compared to the 15% growth in the deployment of 3rd platform. This is being somewhat driven by the cheaper prices to acquire these solutions, and their ease of implementation.

    Enterprises have been investigating in these solutions for some time now but as they move from a small system to a mission critical system they are finding scale, performance and operational demand. This requires companies to rethink their architectures that are being deployed so that they can embrace best practice and achieve the benefits of the new software.

    How do you think companies can benefit from the recently announced software development for the NetApp EF-Series and E-series storage arrays?

    E-series is the most deployed system in the industry. The continual enhancement to the line with reduced latency and improved performance in the latest release of SANtricity, even on existing platforms, shows NetApp’s commitment to its customers now and in the future.

    Innovation is a huge area of focus for the Australian market in all sectors at the moment, with the Government encouraging organisations, institutions and individuals to work towards a more innovative future. How do you feel NetApp can assist Australians achieve this initiative?

    The Australian Government’s new commitment to and focus on innovation is helping to drive the Australian economy forward into the next century and beyond. NetApp has been, and will continue to be an innovative company with many industry firsts which some of our competitors are only just copying some 20 years later. NetApp is currently engaged with local companies to help bring enterprise grade architectures to market for their products, and to help our customers achieve the best results possible.