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Capacity Plan with NetApp OnCommand Insight Balance

Economic and competitive pressures are forcing IT teams across a range of industries and organisations to continuously improve efficiency, reduce costs, and respond faster to business and mission needs.

Shared IT infrastructure and the cloud are increasingly viewed as the only ways to sustain continued IT improvement, but the reality is that current data centre infrastructure is a heterogeneous mix of server, network, and storage solutions. Some applications are virtualized while others are not, and data growth continues at unpredictable rates. According to IDC, annual worldwide data growth is predicted to grow more than 50% in 2014.

This begs the question, how can you get to where you need to be when you’re not able to identify and fully utilise the resources you already have? You need to invest in the right tools to better understand your IT environment, rationalise your purchasing decisions, and take the pain out of technology transitions.

OnCommand Insight is the answer. OnCommand helps you better control, automate, and analyse your storage infrastructure, providing visibility, while helping to optimise the infrastructure you already have for maximum benefit. This simplifies the process of determining what and when to buy. It also takes the risk out of complex technology migrations. OnCommand Insight lets you manage storage as an end-to-end service and integrate storage into your entire IT service-delivery chain.

When integrated into your daily operations, OnCommand Insight yields significant operational improvements. Your administrators will focus less time on unreactive troubleshooting and routine tasks and spend more time on business-critical projects.

OnCommand Insight detects vulnerabilities and risks to your environment, so you avoid problems and meet key service levels for availability, performance, and utilisation. The all-important aspects of your environment are monitored so that you get the most from your storage resources to maximise return on investment.

In addition, OnCommand Insight tracks your storage utilisation and provides trending data that shows you how much storage you have at each service level; it also accurately predicts how much you’re likely to need in the next period. As a result, you can make more informed and timely business decisions based on real-time data, vastly improving capacity management. You buy what you need, when you need it—avoiding overspending and deferring capital expenses until they are absolutely necessary.

Also integrated into OnCommand Insight is detailed business-level reporting that gives you full cost awareness. You can immediately see how much storage each business unit or application has used in each tier over a given period of time. Comprehensive information allows you to work with business units to make more intelligent decisions about how storage is being used. You’ll quickly identify datasets that are misplaced and reduce the amount of expensive tier-1 storage needed. You can assign a value to each tier of storage to simplify the process of charging business units for resources used.

OnCommand Insight takes the risk out of technology transitions by maintaining an internal representation of the physical and logical state of your entire storage environment. You can proactively model planned migrations and see what the impacts will be, based on your existing policies, before you make any changes. By using this “what-if” information, you can tailor a migration plan that takes into account storage services that need to be delivered during and after migration, reducing the risk of infrastructure changes.

Whether you are consolidating, virtualizing, or deploying cloud services, OnCommand Insight helps you minimise downtime and accelerate time to completion. This not only reduces the immediate costs associated with each transition, but lets you fully utilise new resources quicker for faster return on investment. As a result, your IT operations become more cost effective.

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