Insight 2016 – Las Vegas Roundup

    Insight 2016 – Las Vegas Roundup

    Every year at Insight, NetApp’s Annual Technical Conference for Storage and Data Management Professionals, we highlight what is new, what has been accomplished, and where we plan on taking the industry. This is the third year where customers have joined us at this event to great success. More than just an event, Insight is built to foster technical expertise and build communities that span both customer and partner. The focus was Data Fabric Now – highlighting NetApp’s Data Fabric, and how it helps businesses manage their data, as well as showcasing the company’s capabilities to move data across clouds and datacenters.

    The event centered on three main areas of interest: multi-cloud capabilities of the Data Fabric; DevOps; and lastly the unveiling of new platforms and new software; offering attendees a holistic view of NetApp’s Data Fabric offerings.

    At 2016 Insight three impressive multi-cloud capabilities of the Data Fabric. were exhibited:

    • Data Fabric Cloud Sync:
      Attendees were treated to a demonstration of the now available Cloud Sync that allows continual synchronization of NFS shares and AWS S3 objects – which works with any NFS source, not just NetApp. See it in action here from Insight with the example of Mars rover data:
    • Fabric Pools:
      Tiering is not just for arrays and datacenters! Fabric Pools brings the ability to handle hot data local to the applications and users that demand it, while seamlessly moving cool data to an S3 target, such as StorageGRID or AWS. Recommendations for tiering are integrated directly into OnCommand System Manager. Here’s the Insight presentation as it happened:
    • File Backup & Restore to Public & Private Cloud
      Also demonstrated was the ability to back up file volumes from ONTAP to cloud targets such as StorageGRID Webscale and AWS S3. What makes this even more powerful is an integrated file index, allowing searchable recoveries. View it here:

    The second main area of focus was on capabilities that are essential in the brave new world of DevOps. From API evolution to orchestrator integration, there was no shortage of new and improved features.

    As a go-to resource, thePub at was unveiled to bring together everyone who deals with automation, development and orchestration. thePub ties together NetApp resources at and communities. Extensive coverage was provided by the Developer Café at Insight Central throughout the week.

    To showcase the amazing technology, the crew from Tech ONTAP Podcast demonstrated the latest Docker plugins to clone SolidFire and ONTAP volumes to provide incredible agility to app devs. The team brought back to life NetApp’s very own RvB app after an irresponsible dev implemented a new, yet disastrous feature. Have a look at the replay here: and check out the Tech ONTAP Podcast on SoundCloud, iTunes or podcast tool of your choice.

    Thirdly new platforms and the new software to go with them rounded out Insight, with the refresh of all primary platforms on display: AFF & FAS, EF & E, and SolidFire

    The new flagship A700 AFA and FAS9000 chassis-based as well as the A300 AFA and FAS8200 were around to lay hands on at Insight Central. These platforms will require ONTAP 9.1 which was just released on Oct 5th. Between the performance increases of the hardware and the continually improved ONTAP stack, we continue to provide flexible solutions for on-prem consumers and cloud providers.

    The Hands On Labs available gave many customers, partners and employees their first experience with SolidFire ElementOS 8.5, ONTAP 9, SANtricity 11.3, StorageGRID Webscale 10.3. These labs are all now available at

    Insight would not be the success it is without the ability to learn, practice and take exams to further technical capabilities of our customers and partners across the globe. During the week of Insight nearly 800 certifications were achieved!

    Insight continues to be the premier technical conference for those looking to advance their knowledge, skills and understanding of NetApp. Insight 2016 will wrap up in Berlin from November 14-17th rounding out an exciting month. For a full set of highlights, including general sessions, from Las Vegas, check out

    Good luck, and hope to see you at an Insight next year!