ONTAP 9: A Survival Tool for the Digital Transformation

    ONTAP 9: A Survival Tool for the Digital Transformation
    Lee Caswell, Vice President, Product & Solutions Marketing, NetApp

    Many companies are in a life and death struggle to digitally transform their businesses with new social, mobile, and analytics capabilities at a time of pressing economic stress. New flash and cloud storage technologies can be daunting for customers faced with the economic realities of tight budgets and limited staff.

    To help you get the best of both next-generation and traditional IT technologies, we’re pleased to announce NetApp ONTAP 9 – the newest and most powerful version of the industry’s most popular data management platform. ONTAP 9 is designed to simply deliver enterprise-grade data management across any media, any protocol, and any hardware footprint.

    A single view of data management across this range of environments offers leverage for customers looking to add flash and cloud resources to their environments without adding management overhead. That means customers can quickly convert their data, wherever it resides, to business value.

    For customers looking to do more with less, ONTAP 9 brings a dazzling set of new capabilities that can be easily accessed, monitored and managed through a single pane of glass. No other storage operating system in the world meets such a wide range of needs. Here’s how we’re seeing the data management world changing with ONTAP 9:

    • Performance:
      • Guaranteed and SPC-1 validated flash performance
      • HA and high performance on Amazon AWS
      • Triple parity RAID protection
    • Agility:
      • Move data freely across flash, disk, and cloud
      • 10 minutes to deploy a new system and start serving data
      • Application-aware protection for Microsoft, VMware and Oracle
    • Economics:
      • Guaranteed 4:1 Efficiency for flash
      • First to market with 15TB high-capacity flash drives
      • Deploy as software defined storage on commodity servers

    ONTAP 9 meets all those demands and more. And it delivers by using one management interface for ONTAP instances running on engineered hardware, converged infrastructure, white box systems or the public cloud. When running ONTAP across different platforms, customers can manage data across flash, disk and cloud resources with common tools for blocks, files and objects – no more storage silos for point features. The ability to move data between any ONTAP instance makes it the foundation of their Data Fabric.

    ONTAP 9 also brings new value to the AFF all-flash systems, now the fastest-growing product in NetApp history. One example is our new inline data compaction technology, which reduces the cost of flash by compacting multiple small data transactions into 4K block boundaries delivering 2x -3x storage efficiency for some workloads.

    ONTAP 9 introduces support for 15TB SSDs, the largest flash drives available. And it allows intermixing flash capacities to ensure investment protection as drive capacity moves to Moore’s Law. Combined with a new 4:1 effective capacity guarantee, NetApp is able to deliver over 1PB on a single shelf and change the economics of flash. ONTAP 9 allows users to expand the use of flash to eliminate performance tuning and free skilled IT managers to focus on higher-value activities.

    The data management capabilities of ONTAP 9 delivered via flash are also valuable for other media, locations and protocols. Here are some stats that show how flash deployment can be integrated into an environment without introducing a separate storage silo:

    • 70% of AFF flash users are running mixed NAS and SAN workloads on VMware
    • 55% of AFF customers replicate space-efficient flash snapshots to disk on a hybrid FAS system in a common cluster
    • 35% of AFF flash users are connected to native FC SAN application servers

    The integrated data management support of ONTAP 9 is making flash easy to deploy. But how about cloud? Here the story is equally compelling. We have hundreds of customers running ONTAP in the cloud with over a half million subscription hours. And more are running ONTAP next to the cloud in Equinix colocation centers with a product called NetApp Private Storage, which connects rentable cloud compute instances to a customer-controlled ONTAP system.

    When we designed ONTAP 9, we focused on helping customers easily tap into new innovations without adding complexity or disruptions. We’re excited how well this software does that. ONTAP 9 allows you to upgrade on your timetable. ONTAP 9 puts you in control.

    ONTAP 9 offers the digital transformation survival tool for you and your organization. For more information, see www.netapp.com/au.

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